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Dermal Fillers: Your Answer to Sagging, Sinking, Squinting, and Skinny!

Is your face sagging? Do you feel like your cheeks have taken on a sunken appearance? Are your lips thinner and have fine lines? Sadly, these are all-natural parts of the aging process, but you can restore your facial plumpness with fillers.  Fillers are injectable solutions that fill out the contours of your face. They smooth wrinkles and give you kissable lips. Best of all, unlike a facelift, fillers are temporary so if you don’t like them then they will fade away in time.

Why Get Fillers?

Don’t let fillers scare you.  They are long lasting, quick, relatively painless, affordable, and look fantastic. You won’t have overly dramatic effects. Instead, you will have very subtle smoothing of your face, softer lines, less sagging, and a fuller appearance.  The injectable gel-like substance lifts and smooths. Hollow facial areas will have fullness restored. You might want to plump up your cheeks or temples with fillers which are two areas that show age first. 

Does it Hurt?

Fillers Are Virtually Painless

As with all injections, you will feel a prick. Lips are often the most painful area. Topical numbing creams and ice packs used beforehand help ease the discomfort. Depending on the type of filler, it might contain a numbing solution that also helps sooth the area and relieve any aches. Please remember that an overabundance of filler injected into a single site can cause pain and throbbing. It is important that you have a skilled and knowledgeable physician administer the fillers for best results.

Minor Side Effects

You might suffer swelling or slight bruising at the injection site. Some report slight pain. You are usually asked to not press hard on your face or the filler can move right after application. Also, always avoid facial massages for the first two weeks following the injections.


It is important that you have a skilled and knowledgeable physician administer the fillers for best results.

What Areas Can Be Helped With Dermal Fillers?

Fillers can be used on a number of areas. Truth be told, you can receive dermal filler injections just about anywhere on your body. If you feel that you have an area on your body that needs plumping, chances are fillers can help. Here are some of the most common areas that people choose to use fillers:

  •  Lips
  • Temple
  • Hairline (provides lift in brow)
  • Under the Eyes
  • Nose
  • Jawline
  • Earlobes
  • Chin
  • Cheekbones
  • Chest

Not All Fillers Are Created Equal

Some fillers are reversible and some are not. It depends on the type used by the doctor.  You should discuss the type of filler being used with your physician to decide if it meets your needs. Some fillers are reversible using another injectable solution, but others must wear off on their own. 

Depending on the product used, a filler can last a year or up to 18 months. Each person is different. Your body might metabolize the filler quickly or be slower than others. Also, some types stay in your body indefinitely although their form might shrink.  Certain fillers also have the bonus of stimulating collagen. As the collagen increases then the fullness around the fillers become permanent for a truly long-lasting effect.

Fillers are tricky. A good filler will not give you dramatic results. Instead, the smoothing and plumpness will be subtle so no one will ever suspect that you have had any sort of cosmetic procedure. 

You don’t want your lips to double or triple in size. You only want them to have a kissable fullness. The same is true for the rest of your face. You want a natural look.

Muscle Relaxants vs. Fillers 

In recent years there is a lot of hype about muscle relaxant injectables. Yes, they smooth your skin and even prevent wrinkles. However, they do not provide a fuller appearance like fillers. Even though you might not have crow’s feet because you use muscle relaxants you will still have hollow cheeks. Often combining fillers with muscle relaxants give you the best benefit. Minor Side Effects.

Are Fillers Affordable?

Fillers are very affordable compared to surgical procedures. The outstanding results, no downtime, and affordability are why many people are choosing fillers over a classic face lift. 

Fillers For All Ages

Many people mistakenly believe that fillers are only for aging skin. However, you can modify your appearance using fillers. Were you born with narrow thin lips?  Do you naturally have hollow cheeks? Fillers can be used to give you what nature did not. You can have the plump, full lips that you have been dreaming about. Fillers are wonderful for people in their 20s who want to make a few subtle changes.  

If you want fuller, younger-looking skin then you might want to consider fillers. Please contact The Spa at Ignite Medispa to book a consultation.  

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