Consistency And Pragmatism Are More Important Now Than Ever In The Australian Medical Industry

The current time has a lot of uncertainty and many people are fearful during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is widespread concern and upset beyond the realms of healthcare and the economy – life as we knew it just a few weeks ago, has significantly changed due to government-mandated ‘lock downs’.

Sadly, what many of us have observed in the healthcare sector, is questionable behaviour by ‘self-appointed (armchair-) experts’; logic and reason have been binned by doctors and nurses. Instead, it seems that misinformation and opinions are being pushed as facts. Indeed, many doctors are displaying extraordinary tunnel vision, whilst complaining about matters where they have no expertise, let alone competence. Governments around the world have immense pressures on their shoulders; but, as usual, the unconsciously incompetent are always quick to criticize.

So, it appears that everybody has become an expert on business administration, economics, epidemiology, immunology, infectious diseases, government policy, public policy, pulmonology, the law, virology, and so on. Elements of the media have a lot to answer for; but, at least this aspect is consistent – unsurprising, really!

Disappointingly, some medical ‘societies’ have taken the opportunity to propagate statements that are at loggerheads with contemporaneous official advice (i.e. as per federal and state governments). Flawed yet aggressive attitudes which serve to intentionally mislead, have no utility. At this current juncture, such ill-considered and, arguably, inflammatory behaviour, seeks to achieve nothing but further confusion and frustration. Perhaps such societies have capitulated to peer-pressure, perhaps they are virtue signalling, or perhaps they’re just trying their best albeit on the basis of fear and suboptimal information and reflection, themselves.

I am actively involved with a number of groups, and have the privilege of being the President of Australasian Society of Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeons (A.S.C.R.S.), and Vice President of the Australian Health Reform Association. I have always strived to provide a voice of reason and believe that with the attached ‘position statement’ from A.S.C.R.S., we have achieved this. We felt it important to communicate clearly with our members.

It is undoubtedly a trying time for all in society, but also a time for innovation; keep calm and decisive, keep in touch with people (family, friends, clients, patients, et c.), respect the letter of the law, and keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive!

Please see: https://www.ascrs.org.au/news


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Hope you enjoy reading the attached press release and stay healthy everyone.

Dr. Niroshan Sivathasan BSc (Hons), MB, BS (Lond), DRCOG, GradDipAesthMed (UK), PGCert BA, MRCS (Eng), AFACP, FCPCA. Board Certified (AAAM) in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Niro Sivathasan is an experienced, internationally licensed, aesthetic surgeon. He completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively.  His postgraduate qualifications in surgery and aesthetic medicine were also gained in England, with rotations across numerous prestigious teaching hospitals in London and postgraduate training with The Royal College of Surgeons of England, prior to moving to Australia to pursue a higher fellowship in cosmetic surgery to build upon his training in plastic surgery.

In addition to his surgical work in cosmetic and restorative surgery, Dr. Niro has a particular interest in non- and minimally- invasive aesthetics of the face and trunk, and is a senior trainer for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

Dr. Niro has experience performing surgeries in a number of countries, and has published over 35 medical articles, written book chapters, international educational guides, spoken at conferences around the world, is a reviewer and editorial committee-member for various medical journals, and presides as an expert for various organizations covering non-surgical medical treatments.

* This article originally appears in LVBX Magazine.